LCW’s Interview – Q & A

Q & A

Q. When and where you began playing, and why this sport?
"I was 10 years old, in school. As a kid, I've always liked to try new things."
Q. Memorable sporting achievements?
"The Olympic silver medal at Beijing 2008"
Q. Sporting awards / Honours (so far)?
"BWF Player of the Year 2009, 2010 and 2011"
Q. Sporting ambitions?
"The Olympic gold medal"
Q. How you came to know about your Nose Cancer?
"I've already picked up my bag and was ready to leave home. Then, I asked Mew Choo whether the doctor has called. She came towards me, hugged me and cried. I knew it was bad news. It's nose cancer, she broke the news.
"My badminton bag slipped from my grasp and I started to cry too. I slumped on the sofa crying and asked why it had to be me. My mum found out and she hugged me and cried too."
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Place of birth: Penang, Malaysia
Height: 172.00cm
Current Residence: Kuala Lumpur
Language(s): English, Chinese, Malay
International Debut: 2000 Asian Junior Championships
Professional Since: 2000
National Team Member: 1999
Q. How are you planning your comeback?
“My first international tournament should be the Malaysia Open,” Lee said. “I won it for the 12th time last year before my illness, it’ll be nice to start there again.
“I’m also looking at competing in the Sudirman Cup in China in May. It will be the first major tournament to offer Olympic qualifying points.”