Top 5 health benefits of playing Badminton which you have never heard of before.

Every Sport offers some or the other additional benefits to the participants. In recent times badminton has become quite popular amongst people of all age groups. It is a easy sport for beginners to pick up, you just need to place a net and two participants are enough to start. As you need an opponent to play with, it improves the social element of your life. Be it Singles or Doubles badminton is fun sport to play and if you are looking for an activity to boost up your physical and mental health, then badminton is the best choice.

The sport of badminton just requires a shuttle cock and two racquets to get started.

Apart from some general benefits, there are also many specific upsides of playing Badminton. Here are some additional benefits of playing this Racquet Sport:

  • LONGEVITY :-According to a research held in Copenhagen, playing badminton can add upto 9 years to your life. Smashing the shuttle to a point that it increases little of your heart beat can do wonders to you. In 2017, there was a research which proved that the men and women who are playing badminton with their family and friends or professionally even tends to outlive joggers.
Old men, never too old for badminton.
  • CURE TO HYPERTENSION :- Badminton is a definite cure to hypertension, which is very much common in people nowadays. Reducing the effects of hypertension without medical drugs become quite difficult as the patient becomes addicted to those drugs. Playing badminton can lower blood pressure and increase chemicals which reduce the addictive property of those drugs.
Playing badminton is also helpful in reducing drug addiction.
  • REDUCING THE RISK OF HEART DISEASES :- Playing badminton can reduce the risk of heart diseases to a greater extent. Badminton improves overall blood circulation and helps in pumping the blood to the arteries of the heart for its better functioning. So, playing badminton regularly can lower the risk of heart attack to a large extent.
Healthy heart by playing badminton.
  • WEIGHT LOSS :- Playing Badminton can be very effective tool in weight control as badminton increases fat burning and metabolic rate of the body. So, with a proper diet and badminton routine, optimum weight can be achieved without going to gym and paying big membership fee. Playing badminton is fun and if you are getting your desired weight with an enjoyable activity, then why not give it a shot.
Badminton is the best option for optimal weight loss.
  • INCREASE BONE DENSITY :- Playing badminton increases those cells in our body which are helpful in growth and development of bones in our body. Badminton can increase bone density and in result reducing the risk of bone fractures. Playing badminton also improves physical appearance.
Playing badminton increases bone density.

Apart from all these benefits, playing badminton is a very good exercise to improve physical and mental agility. It is very helpful to keep you free from many diseases and is too enjoyable. So, to live a happy, healthy and Long life everyone should add badminton to their daily routine.

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