Let the Numbers Speak

Datuk' Lee Chong Wei, the former World no. 1 & all-time best badminton player in the history seen so far. His dedication, hard work, and positive attitude towards the game have not only added colors in his life but also to his glory has accompanied with a vast overseas fan following.

Not speaking much about his glory there must a quick go through of what he has won so far. This Malaysian started his journey from a very poor family but today he has 707 career wins along with that he has a major title of fighting with nose cancer at an age of 35 years. His present-day ranking being 6 in the world telly.  He also has 4 World Championship silver medals yes it has always been so tragic that Lee Chong Wei got defeated in the final rounds of the major tournaments.

He has 3 Olympic silver medals and due to this only he is trying hard today as well to get back to his training. "GET BACK TO TRAINING", yes recently Lee was diagnosed with nose cancer due to which he had to take break for treatment and during this period his athletic body went down but now as his treatment is over he is back on court fighting day and night again to fulfill his country's dream to clinch an Olympic gold medal. No matter how sweetly Malaysia welcomed his silver medals still Lee Chong Wei knows what his victory at the Olympics can bring to the hearts each and every Malaysian.

Along with these Lee Chong Wei also won 5 medals at Thomas cup where his team accompanied him towards the victory. Malaysia was once under the British empire due to which Malaysia also gather with other countries at CommonWealth Games where LCW led the contingent and acquired 6 commonwealth medals.

One of the major Victory in the eyes of the world is how a player performs in his homeland tournament. Talking about Malaysia Open title Lee Chong Wei has 12 medals over his shelf which is itself a record for a Malaysian to win this number of titles.


Career Wins so far               707

World Ranking Position           6

Olympics Games Medals          3

World Champ. medals              4

Thomas Cup medals                 5

Commonwealth games            6

Malaysia Open Titles              12