Badminton Tokyo 2020 : Will Lin Dan and Lee Chong Wei ever make it to the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games?

Lee Chong Wei, Lin Dan and Chen Long in the two pictures sharing podium at the Malaysia Open 2019 and London Olympics 2012.

Two of the greatest Men’s Singles players Lin Dan and Lee Chong Wei have had the greatest rivalry in the history of the game. Lin Dan has won Olympic gold medals on two occasions in 2008 and 2012, while Lee Chong Wei has been second on the podium in most of those finals. The contribution of these two legends to the game is indisputable.

There was a time when most of the titles on the World Tour were won by either of the two. But, last one year has been devastating to both the players specially Lee Chong Wei. Lee Chong Wei the three times Olympics Silver Medallist was diagnosed with nose cancer in July last year, since then he has been out of the international circuit and couldn’t able to make a comeback.

Earlier he was registered for Malaysian Open this year but couldn’t play as he was advised by his doctor to not play in the tournament not being match fit. After that he was supposed to lead the Sudirman Cup challenge for Malaysia, but once again he was unable to compete and earn much important ranking points for Olympic Qualification.

The time is not in his side as he will not have any ranking points to defend after August 14. He has not been registered in any of the tournaments after May. His fans across the globe wants to see him play at the Tokyo Olympics for the last time but time is not in anyone’s control and Olympic qualification period is slipping away from him. Lee is the national of Malaysia and have made the Malaysian flag to fly high on multiple occasions.

Lee’s arch rival and good friend on the other hand lost in first or second round in most of the tournaments in last one year and is running out of ranking points to surpass his teammates Shi Yuqi and Chen Long who are way in front of him and are also in better from than Lin.

Lu Guangzhou who is not an Olympic hopefull is given preference over Lin Dan for the Sudirman Cup Squad. Lin Dan said in an interview that he is playing because Lee Chong Wei hasn’t retired yet and he won’t retire before him.

But, right now both of them don’t seem to be going on the plane to Tokyo 2020. The two legends have the best records in terms of Olympic badminton history. They will have to go a tough ride to qualify for the Olympics as the race to Tokyo had already begun.

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