Asthma is No More a Barrier in Badminton Journey.

Sports and injuries goes side by side when it comes to the elite level of competition. Each and every athlete try to raise the bar of his performance to get fruitful results in the era where the competition is at its peak. But, some have a harder ladder to climb, where they have to battle out serious or chronic illness to pave their way to glory. The world of sports had even witnessed players recovered from life threatening diseases like cancer to reaching new heights again.

Asthma Pathophisiology

In the sport of badminton, it is a necessity for the players to have high inhaling capacity to play long rallies. The real test arrives when the players have to play long three setter matches without going out of breath. Badminton athletes usually go through long and intense training routines to achieve better lungs strength.

In the world of pollution and global warming, asthma is a very common disease. More than 300 million people suffer from Asthma globally and the number is increasing year by year. But, when this sort of respiratory ailments strike into an athletes life, then his determination and motivation to continue loose . David Beckham, Jackie Joyner Kersee, Tom DOLAN, Jerome Bettis, Greg Loganis and Peter Venderkaay are some of the famous athletes who battled Asthma to become legends.

Kashyap Parupalli with an Inhaler in his hand.
P.C.- Kashyap’s Instagram handle

The sport of badminton had also witness some of the athletes achieving glory despite being an asthmamatic patient. Victor Axelsen, Morten Frost, Kashyap Parupalli are the badminton greats who became best in the business battling Asthma. Morten Frost, one of the finest badminton player the world had ever seen had asthma. He used to carry an Inhaler with him on court for any emergency circumstances.

Kashyap Parupalli, one of India’s biggest names in badminton is also an Asthmatic Patient. He was diagnosed as an Asthmatic in 2004, when he was just in junior years of his career. “It used to be very, very bad,” says Kashyap of his childhood years in Bangalore, which is notorious for its pollen and other allergens. “I used to be sick at every tournament. I had to keep taking antibiotics and I would feel ill all the time.” Once it was clear that the condition is Asthma, he was able to make necessary changes in his Diet and Medications.

Victor Axelsen suffers from pollen grass allergy which is a type of Asthma.

Former world Champion and 2016 Olympic bronze medallist, Victor Axelsen suffers from pollen grass allergy. When the number of grass pollens increases during Summer and autumn, the allergic person suffers difficulty in breathing. Even after having such breathing issues, Victor Axelsen is thriving on the international circuit.

All these athletes have set an example in front of the world, that nothing is bigger than your will power. If you are willing to do it, you will find a way. No matter what the situations are.

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